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Anushka With 6 Pack Hungama

Anushka With 6 Pack Hungama

Anushka With 6 Pack Hungama

Anushka is known for his physical condition, it is also a yoga teacher too. As of now she is participating in canned lists and Baahubali Rudramadevi Rani, for these papers has sculpted his body in beautiful shape.

Anushka recently said openly that she loves her body to appear in a 6 pack and sleep. After Baahubali finished shooting and will sit with Kiran Rudramadevi Demble (Trainer) and shape your body with 6 pack abs.

Anushka With 6 Pack Hungama_Kiran Dembla

Kiran Demble is professional trainer who has trained many clients in Tollywood and Bollywood, taapsee, Tamanna and Anushka are few among them. If everything moves well see sizzling Anushka in 6 packs on the road after 2 years

Anushka With 6 Pack Hungama
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